#1Golden_MeanPosted 6/12/2010 1:27:35 PM
I am still fairly new to this game and I've been reading some guides and I am confused as to what "stacking" actually means. I see some phrases such as "stack effect-on-hit items" or "stack armor" but then I see something like "stack AP". So is stacking a general term for building your champ to a certain spec? Is it relevant only to items? Appreciate the clarification.
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#2CalmOfEmptinessPosted 6/12/2010 1:42:24 PM
It's a general term for focusing on one stat for your character.

If I were to stack AP, I would buy AP items.

If I bought a Rod of Ages and an Archangel's Staff, I would also technically be stacking Mana, but since my goal is the AP, I am stacking AP.