How to be a good Twitch?

#1babaXIIIPosted 6/29/2010 3:51:33 AM
I'm really bad at this game against player, so I decided I should take some ''lessons'' on how to play my new favorite hero xD

So, what items should I buy, what skill should I raise? How should I even play him? Any advices?
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#2MSN 04 SazabiPosted 6/29/2010 4:26:39 AM

doran's shield->bf sword->greaves->infinity->last whisper->luxury

throw in a vampiric scepter somewhere when you want some lifesteal and upgrade to bloodthirster later on. you can get banshees if you need it. also red and green elixirs are good choices throughout the game when you suspect a big fight coming up (dragon, turret, etc)

skill build:

priority is snp>expunge>slow/invis, whichever one you want more


you can gank early on once you get the feel for it

otherwise just go for last hits on creeps

i wouldn't really recommend taking a solo as pretty much every solo mid owns twitch

feel free to take advantage of your invis to scout and stuff until they start getting wards

after that play him as you would any other ranged carry, but even more cautious

what i mean by that is you want to make sure you position yourself properly before using your ulti (behind your team, and ideally lining up the enemies), and most importantly, pop out of your invis after the major aoe/cc/nukes have been thrown around. if you reveal yourself at the battle's start your opponents will just go for you and you'll literally explode.

uhm that's it off the top of my head, feel free to ask questions

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#3MSN 04 SazabiPosted 6/29/2010 4:29:46 AM
Oh yeah, carry cleanse+flash. Ghost is not as good for twitch because twitch is very reliant on his ulti, which only lasts a few seconds. Cleanse+flash lets you reposition yourself instantly and continue attacking, and quite possibly lifesteal back whatever damage you took from the enemies that charged you.

Cleanse is needed because you will inevitably get hit by cc, especially if they save some for you. As a carry you can't afford to get disabled and killed.

Doreamon... who cares... if it has Mon at the end its just a Crapy ripoff of Pokemon (which sucks too) -PSOPOPO