You know what I hate most about this game that I love?

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6 years ago#11
Holy crap it's Wingding.
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6 years ago#12
I hate mirrors and usually hate facing other nidalees (I main her), even worse when they have french maid skin (only mineeeeeee!!!)
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6 years ago#13
Nothing is more annoying than a singed ditto. It's guaranteed that you'll throw each other at the exact same time at least 5 times during laning.
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6 years ago#14
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6 years ago#15
Holy crap it's Wingding.

Why do you have to like and frequent all of the same game boards as me? Get out of my head!

And I'm glad to see some other people hate these mirror matches. I get what the people who like them are saying, and I do think it's cool when you do -better- than your mirror... But it really sucks to do worse.
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6 years ago#16
I love mirror Ashe mid, which happens quite often, because I am usually much better than my opponent.
6 years ago#17
actually, facing a mirror is a good thing. You either outplay them and feel good about yourself, or they outplay you and you pick up new methods of playing the character.

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6 years ago#18
I usually hate mirror matches, unless I'm playing as Akali. Most Akali players suck horribly, so unless they have a ridiculously dominant lane partner, I tend to rock them.
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6 years ago#19
I like mirroring annie mid, but I don't mirroring her in the lanes. My lane partner will inevitably get stunned, and die, and then I will get jumped or something. I know annie well enough to not worry about that crap. Of course, its pretty common to mirror stun each other doing mid too.
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