Can a good Heimer keep up with high tier champs?

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Heimer is great in all levels of play, but in organized games, you have to setup a team specifically to feed off of his strengths.
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The answer is..........
Heimer is in Tier 2. Tier lists are the pinnacle of the Metagame. If you're middle or low ELO/Skill many of the characters positions will change. Heimer seems to be working well with today's Meta, so yeah he can keep up with high tiers cus he IS high tier.
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^How dare you say Bug's Life is the worst! The Incredibles are obviously the worst followed by finding Nemo, and don't even get me started on Wall-E...
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Keep up?

A good Heimer is a high-tier champ.
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#7RawrbombPosted 7/9/2010 3:08:02 PM
Heimer is fairly solid due to how well he can push.

If/when his nades get nerfed against towers he'll drop in viability quite a bit, but for now he's the best pushing champ in the game.
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From: EggDragon2001 | #005
^ ****-tier opinion

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Thanks to all (or most) of the responses. The reason I ask is because of all the champions I've tried I never seem to do better than I do with Heimer. Not tooting my own horn, I just think I'm a pretty good player with him. I only ask this because season 1 is coming soon and I want to make sure I don't get Uber Pawned by Jax and such.
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People overrate jax or just had bad experiences against him
but heimer destroys most people's early game.