AD or AP Ezreal?

#1HeroshiX2Posted 7/12/2010 3:11:50 PM
Just bought him. Wanting to know the pros and cons of both so I know which to stick with :p.

Also masteries im just guessing would be the standard 21/0/9? Also item build for each? Id like to give both builds a try in practice before I go off to queue for normal games.
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#2AlmightyHamSandwichPosted 7/12/2010 3:14:25 PM
AD. AP is not as effective as it used to be and his role has shifted from support to DPS with his Heal being taken away.

Mystic Shot is a cheap, effective source of damage that scales with Ezreal's attack damage.
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#3HeroshiX2(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2010 3:21:15 PM
Ah I see... well AD it is then. Items :3?
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#4GutsyBatPosted 7/12/2010 3:50:59 PM
My usual build:
1. Doran's Ring + Health pot
2. Boots
3. Sheen
4. Boots of Sorcery (or mercury depending on enemy comp)
5. Brutalizer

From there it's best to alter depending on the enemy's composition.

Trinity Force/ Blood Thirster/ Madred's are all good weapons to get In my book.
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#5CalmOfEmptinessPosted 7/12/2010 3:53:52 PM
Mysic Shot applies on hits, right?

I feel like Bloodthirsters would be fantastic on him.
#6HarvestMoonMan5Posted 7/12/2010 3:53:55 PM
Boots of Swiftness are better than Sorc boots. And A better start is Mana Crystal/ 2 hp pots. Turn the Mana Crystal into a Sheen asap.
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#7HeroshiX2(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2010 4:32:32 PM

Now masteries what would you guys reccomend.... 21/0/9 or 9/0/21?
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#8VoidgolemPosted 7/12/2010 5:27:06 PM
AD works for shorter or average-length games, AP eventually out-damages it in longer (Lichbane, people!)

While you no longer heal, Everything has passable AP ratios in terms of damage output (Mystic shot + Lichbane is technically a 1:1)

Long story short: Go with whichever you prefer. Both work.
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#9HeroshiX2(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2010 6:00:39 PM

First real game. (did 2 practice vs bots to get a feel for him) How did I do...?

Also yay for almost level 30. 2 leaves from internet crashing but oh well.
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#10dlO_oldPosted 7/12/2010 6:07:11 PM
Try this build

2x long swords - brutalizier - ghostblade
another brutalizier
infinity edge
trinity force

get boots anytime before 2nd brutalizer.

Only upgrade boots when build is complete or mercury treads are helpful.