The black screen store could use a redesign

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6 years ago#1
So is there a reason the store doesn't show up at all for me? I've already tried enabling cookies, and whatnot.
6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
Same problem here. You using win7 64 bit?
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6 years ago#4
vista here, was fine after the patch, got on today and black screen, along with the shop button not working, along with the massive lag, along with the servers going down.
6 years ago#5
Works for me, just to add that in there.
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6 years ago#6
I have a Vista, but yeah. I briefly see "Logging into the League of Legends Store", then there's nothing but black.
6 years ago#7
1) Open up Internet Explorer
2) Go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings
3) Make sure everything is unchecked, apart from possibly "Automatically detect proxy settings"
4) If this fails, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced --> Reset/Restore Defaults
5) If this fails, re-install Internet Explorer completely.
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6 years ago#8
IE can browse through the main site just fine, though. I guess re-installing it is the only way.
6 years ago#9
6 years ago#10
Ok, when uninstalling programs, I can't find Internet Explorer. I know that I have IE8 because it said I already had it when attempting to reinstall it.
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