Servers down AGAIN?

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6 years ago#1

6 years ago#2
been down all morning, new patch.
6 years ago#3
How dare they give us frequent content patches!

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6 years ago#4
rabble rabble rabble
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Oh hohohohoho!
6 years ago#5
They used to not take this long. It is only the last 2 that have. Usually they are done early.
6 years ago#6
It kinda sucks they gotta patch it at this time of day, when I'm waiting for class to start... And why is the timeframe from 1am-11am? 10 hours to implement a patch???
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6 years ago#7
it was planned this time, get that sand out of ur vag
6 years ago#8
better to have a patch then a messed up game... me and all my friends were getting massive lag last night too so maybe it has something to do with servers?
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6 years ago#9
guy, have you guys not once thought of searching the internet for getting pass the unavailable/busy thing? just click on league of legends and then press up down left right up up down down..its that simple -_-
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6 years ago#10
Except that only gets you past the "checking for updates" window. You still can't log in.
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