wtf? lolz

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6 years ago#1
um lol, im in the servers playing a game.... just use the up up down down trick..... up, down,left right, up up, dopwn down

6 years ago#2
it's up up down down left right b a select start duh
It's kinda like the feeling in an old folks home, even though you love them, you can't wait for them to go..
6 years ago#3
You act as if you're special for knowing this.
Applesauce is good.
6 years ago#4
Can you get banned for doing this?
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6 years ago#5
ahahah he thinks he's special
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6 years ago#6
Posted 7/27/2010 1:11:46 PM
message detail

Can you get banned for doing this?

No you cant, its on their website if u look hard enough u can find it
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6 years ago#7
i think he was just surprised that he could get INTO a game before servers officially went up, not because he used the code. Alvinxie is just bitter at life.
6 years ago#8
No, but you are needlessly slowing down the servers.

Seriously. I hope that if you buy a boxed copy of it when it comes out , the guy at the counter just says, "No." -- screamingknife

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