Twisted Fate is so cheap..

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6 years ago#1
does anybody know how to counter him so when i play against him ill kick his censored every time i play
he's so easy to play and ganks anybody in no time
6 years ago#2
ass. You can say ass.
6 years ago#3
Twisted Fate is a weak pile of crap early game. He is probably one of the least scary herores of all time until he gets fed or farms a bunch. He's a solid hero, and is one of the best gankers in the game for obvious reasons, but he's far from overpowered. He has no real escapes from any team with decent CC, and is incredibly squishy.
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6 years ago#4
im not talking about a noob twisted fate, im speaking of the TF that uses his ally as a meatshield and attack from afar and gank everyone

and of course TF is weak in the beginning so is everyone else that's why hes always in the middle

" ass. You can say ass."

you don't even know me attention fiend
6 years ago#5
Ignore the meatshield and kill him.

Stop putting yourself into dumb situations when you know there's a twisted fate on the other team with his ult up.

Get your meatshield to do his job and CC him.

How is this any different than any other ranged damage hero, besides requiring a little bit more map awareness when playing against him?
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Don't give up, Don't give in... Without a beard you will never win.
6 years ago#6
being able to teleport anywhere on the map to backdoor, gank, rack up kills and be very cool

i recently just played a game where we were winning and all of a sudden this jerk off playing Twisted backdoored us with the destiny

when your in the enemies base and twisted on the other side of the map hes going to get at least 15 to 25 seconds of your base and by now hes maxed in everything so he took out most of our base

and we couldnt touch twisted because his meatshields were elite alistar stunning or ramming into us or when we get to close to him he runs while we take other damage from other players because hes fast and we didnt have those strong ass stunning dps so we were very fustrated there were also other heros with stuns too so we couldnt do anything but take the front out while he hits us

what could we had done?
6 years ago#7
The best part about TF is that ALL his dangerous abilities are telegraphed. You can see his gold cards when he picks them. You know when he's porting, and if you might be a target. If you play smart, you'll never get ganked by him.
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6 years ago#8
First thing, I wasn't calling you an ass, just stating that you don't have to censor it here.

Second, I lurk much more than I post, doubt anyone here has even seen my name before, so attention fiend is far from the truth :)

and lastly, I agree with the post about TF being terribly underrated *unless* allowed to free farm without harassment. A good TF is an awesome sight to behold, but sadly they are rare.
6 years ago#9
If he's in your base while you're in theirs, they are short one member for a teamfight. You have the advantage. Push.

If their Alistar was able to CC you guys that hard, it sounds like you had a lack of meatshield yourselves. In fact, if they were all stunning you without you being able to retaliate, it seems like their team composition was all around better than yours. They had much more crowd control than you did, and so they won. The only difference TF has over any other ranged damage hero is that he is better at backdooring late game, but if he is backdooring, he is not fighting your team, and unless the other team is significantly stronger than you(in which case you are losing anyway), you should be able to beat them due to them being one short.
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Don't give up, Don't give in... Without a beard you will never win.
6 years ago#10
true i think some point later on in the game somehow they got the crowd control although we were doing better n the beginning idk what happend and it was pretty hard to push because

One 4 heros were guarding and we were about 70 minutes into the game so i think almost everyone got what they needed in their build

Two we were worrying that our base would be dominated because nothings stopping Twisted from taking the base

Three they could easily heal and come back for more with their 3-4k hp

oh and my bad confusedmorrow i misunderstood
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