Nasus, Siphoning Strike, and Tiamat

#1SorrySleepingPosted 8/6/2010 9:10:02 AM
I don't why I try to find a use for this, but I continue on.

Lets say you do get Tiamat on Nasus, and manage to kill more than one minion at the same time with SS and Tiamat. Does SS only get 2 bonus damage for slaying the minion her targeted, or does he get bonus damage for all the other minions he slayed in the same hit?
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#2MrSusan101Posted 8/6/2010 9:42:34 AM
No idea, but it really doesnt sound like a good idea- by using tiamat and having your attacks splash, your gonna be damaging the healthier creeps, meaning they die quicker and you end up pushing to the enemies tower and amking it easy for them, and outside the laning phase the splash radius is to small to be able to damage more then 1 champs unless their stupidly grouped up.

But hey I may be wrong, check it out and see
#3capgamerPosted 8/6/2010 9:51:50 AM
No this doesn't work, I tried it out a couple of days ago.

SS will only increase once for any single hit, regardless of how many actual things were killed.
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#4SorrySleeping(Topic Creator)Posted 8/6/2010 5:58:57 PM
God damn Roit, why do you have to make such useless weapons that could easily be changed to something VERY useful?
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