Daily rage topic

#1DartkunPosted 8/13/2010 11:07:07 PM
So, playing as Rammus, Singed flings a Morg into tower range, and she immediately shields herself. I taunted as soon as I could and shield absorbs it. Singed IMMEDIATELY starts flaming me "RAMMUS US YOUR FKING TAUNT, YOU FKING BAD"

Everyone starts telling him that she shielded it, including the morg herself.

Singed won't back down and keeps QQing all game until he rage quits.

(If anyone is wondering why Singed and Rammus on the same team, all random)
#2lionheart5656Posted 8/13/2010 11:11:43 PM
so we're talking about a practice game whne things don't matter even a little bit then.

Tell him he should have randomed Eve instead of being a noob and randoming Singed.

That should get him going.
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