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6 years ago#1

shaco and heimer just got taken down a notch!
6 years ago#2
scroll down a bit for a full list...
6 years ago#3
Wow. Typical Riot to take an OP champion (Shaco), and overnerf them into oblivion. So absurd.
I laughed so hard I threw up! :D
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6 years ago#4
yea..shaco nerf is gonna be complained about..but really he didn't need the full duration of his ult to kill someone. Won't change his ganking..

but heimer..holy crap. Cuts his dps by like 1/5th, his cash intake...and..just..wow. maybe it will balance him for mid since right now he is a one man army mid and you have to rely on ganks to keep him down....still ouch
6 years ago#5
Is this legit?

Shaco and Heimer got screwed.
6 years ago#6
Was that the third Heimerdinger nerf in a row? I wasn't counting but recently it seems Riot has just been curbstomping him. He was a big threat before, but then they just... wow.
I laughed so hard I threw up! :D
<Proud interceptor of high-fives>
6 years ago#7
I cannot verify the validity of them. However many of the changes correlate with changes already known. And is shurelia really wrote em then they are legit, but probably not finalized. I can't imagine they would hit heimer that hard without a LOT more testing.
6 years ago#8
It is legit, it's on the test realm.

<insert link if I wasn't lazy>

I was just going to post them here in the third post but got goddam HTML errors, so I went to the test realm and decided to not post them anyways.
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6 years ago#9
Unstoppable Force is now unstoppable. Let's hope they'll make Endless Rage endless soon.
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6 years ago#10
the shaco and heimer nerfs are really ridiculous...

Yes, shaco's clone is annoying and it makes him tough to fight...but that was supposed to be the whole idea behind an ultimate attack, right?

And with heimer, yes his turrets are a pain...but he is so squishy without them...it is totally ridiculous to only give him 2 turrets.

Well, at least now they won't get banned...they will fall into alistar territory and never be seen again.
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