Tryndamere Help

#11jabiniPosted 8/29/2010 1:34:52 PM
Or just go jungling so that you don't have to worry about this.
#12Zero17Posted 8/29/2010 1:56:32 PM
So you're telling him to auto attack and push his lane?

Are you talking to me? No, I don't mean that. Auto attack to regain health lost from last hitting. You WILL lose health to harassment as Tryndamere. 30% extra crit chance REALLY helps early on to keep your health up-otherwise you have to wait until near death before you get enough crits to build up health, and that's just asking to die.
#13MasterjimmyPosted 8/29/2010 6:37:28 PM
I tend to jungle as trynd because on the line you are going to be of next to no use ;/
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#14Vampire_WreathPosted 8/29/2010 6:42:34 PM
What's your rune/setup for jungling Trynd?

I mostly want his jungling to be optimal, but have runes that are useful mid-late game.
#15CovenantPosted 8/29/2010 7:14:29 PM
Queue with a friend who plays Taric would be my suggestion. Fixes your problems quite nicely and his stun along with your slow can get you early kills.