Nidalee transforms herself into a cougar

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ITT: misleading abilities
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Tristana has a large cannon that can fire explosive shots
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gangplank has ak47 with the new patch
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Garen uses a giant sword to defeat his "enemies".
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From: SorrySleeping | #005
Garen uses a giant sword to defeat his "enemies".

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Fun fact: Nidalee has a hidden passive that grants experience to allies that are lower level than her, if they are physically near her at the time.
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This has been confirmed by Riot:

As for the topic itself, the name "Bushwhack" just doesn't feel right.
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nothing misleading about that at all. cougars are real animals. tee hee.
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From: Antistasis | #006

The only two good ones in the game where taken.

Possibly something about Mundo and cleavage.
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Gangplank's roger is very jolly and is always taking pills to cure his "scurvy"
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