Hey, if you're laning with a tank character who is not someone you played with..

#1SongslingerPosted 8/29/2010 10:41:12 AM
don't expect them to save you if you do something stupid.

So I play as Amumu. I take tantrum first, because I know I can't do enough damage with a bandage toss to be of any worth if the enemy tries to gank us in the beginning. I play pretty defensively. Now, at level 2 I do hit Bandage Toss. I'm aware that the stun can save a lane mate, but that puts me in their range. I also understand that I'm risking not getting first kill if the enemy team gets targeted by the tower, and the extra stun could finish them off. I'd rather not die for something stupid the other person did. For example:

Last night, solo q'd. Ended up laning with Olaf. Not the best lane mate, especially when we were against Teemo and Zilean. We are still level one. For some reason, he decides to run in and hit them. Now instead of running back to the tower, he runs towards the river where zilean and teemo basically kill him. I, however am much closer to our turret. Apparently this was my fault. Upon informing him that he was chased by two people and my Bandage Toss can only hit one person, he said I should have bandage tossed teemo and saved him.

I wouldn't be that upset honestly, if this didn't happen a lot. I'm a tank who can't really be "CREDIT TO TEAM" until level 6. Yes, I can stun a champ, and if I'm playing with someone who is actively talking to me about what they want to do, it's actually something I don't mind doing. But for another champs reckless death to be blamed on me, and saying "Amumu u tank. U no dis?". Yes I do "no dis". What you don't know is that for little to no early game action game from me, it will be made threefold in the mid to late game.

TLDR. Stop picking on tanks for not being able to be very aggressive early game.

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#2jamiemadrox024Posted 8/29/2010 10:44:17 AM
Stop laning and start jungling because Amumu sucks in lane.

It doesn't matter who you play, if you get an over aggressive lanemate, they will blame you for their death, I get it all the time. When you play support or a tank, it's just that much easier for them to blame you, that's all.
#3random_noobiePosted 8/29/2010 11:04:11 AM
or just lane with friends that aren't dumb.

that's what i do.
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That's why I stopped playing solo queue altogether.
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I was playing as gangplank and my ult was down, just used it in a failed teamfight. I'm the only one left on my team and all 5 of them are going for our mid tower, they have a crapton of stuns. I stand back a bit and just parrlay them as our tower goes down and i retreat. The whole time the dead players are pinging the tower like i could have done something about it and start talking trash.

how does this relate to your story? It doesn't except for the fact that a bunch of players in this game are idiots.
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#6Songslinger(Topic Creator)Posted 8/29/2010 1:19:43 PM
Ugh, I hate that. Every one else on your team is dead, you're up and they're pinging a tower like you can do something.
I just found out my disease is contagious.
#7Froggie48Posted 8/29/2010 1:25:43 PM
Its worse for us Soraka and Taric players. For some reason people think that because we have heals they are invincible.
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#8Griwan753Posted 8/29/2010 1:26:42 PM
90% of people who play solo que are idiots the other 10% are decent at best stick with people u know and u will be fine
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90% of people who play solo que are idiots the other 10% are decent at best stick with people u know and u will be fine


and prolly is closer to 95%
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#10SupaPowersPosted 8/29/2010 3:40:08 PM
I solo queue :(
Am I part of that 5%? Because I still think that's pretty harsh.
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