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6 years ago#11
I'd say 20 at least with tier 3 runes. Its not just being able to kill the creeps, but to do it in a timely manner. Had a few level 12isj WW junglers and they'd often be 2-3 levels behind the non solo-lane enemy champs. Fell behind quickly.
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6 years ago#12
Right, runes/masteries are important too. Forgot to mention them.
6 years ago#13
For warwick, I didn't need a high level at all.
6 years ago#14
My summoner level is now 10... and I can jungle well with Amumu starting around level 6ish. Not really efficiently then, but if you go Golem first, it doesn't really matter. I'm sure it is a lot faster with T3 runes, though.
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