good runes for tank shen please ^^

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6 years ago#1

hey guys i bought shen long ago and didn't play him much

now i got all masteries points and want to play him again

all the guides i've seen have very diff runes so i'm unsure which to buy

could you tell me what runes work best for a tank aimed shen?

thanks a lot

6 years ago#2
I play him with: Health per lvl marks
Armor seals (6 per lvl, 3 flat)
Magic resist Glyphs (same combo as seals)
and Flat health Quints
6 years ago#3
Tank Shen?

You mean you thought you were going to build him another way?
6 years ago#4
^^ You laugh, I haw a AS Shen (with a malady) at one point. It's great to be low Elo
6 years ago#5
Sometimes players are good enough to pull off builds that aren't ordinary. I have seen an AP Shen totally dominate before. Like 18/3/X or something along those lines. Not saying that ANYONE should try that though, lol.

I go Flat Armor and HP per level. Flat +32 HP Quints. The flat armor early game helps you lane well, and hopefully get in a good early kill or two with your lane partner and taunt.
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  3. good runes for tank shen please ^^

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