The Official League Of Legends Champion Counter List

#1Worm199Posted 9/19/2010 7:14:54 AM
Oh Yeah.

Lets help everyone out and make an official League of Legends champion counter list.

Simply, if you know a champion thats great at taking care of a different champion, put it on the list.

The list im making you put the names of all the champs thats great at countering the other champ to the right of that champions name.


If Karthus is great at countering Heimerdinger you write

Heimerdinger - Karthus

This is how we are gonna make a list that could help alot and maybe drop the talk about being OP

The List:

Original 40
Alistar -
Amumu -
Anivia -
Annie -
Ashe -
Blitzcrank -
Cho'Gath -
Corki -
Dr. Mundo -
Evelynn -
Fiddlesticks -
Gangplank -
Heimerdinger - Karthus (Lay waste, will take care of the sentries, while wall of pain will make Heimer pretty much trapped)
Janna -
Jax -
Karthus -
Kassadin -
Katarina -
Kayle -
Malphite -
Master Yi - Poppy (With heroic charge, followed be devastating blow, Poppy can easily make Master Yi feed)
Morgana -
Nasus -
Nunu -
Rammus -
Ryze -
Shaco -
Singed -
Sion -
Sivir -
Soraka -
Taric -
Teemo -
Tristana -
Tryndamere -
T. Fate -
Twitch -
Veigar -
Warwick -
Zilean -

Pre Season One
Akali -
Ezreal -
Garen -
Gragas -
Kennen -
Kog'Maw -
Malzahar -
Mordekaiser -
Nidalee -
Olaf -
Pantheon -
Poppy -
Shen -
Udyr -

Season One
Galio -
Miss Fortune -
Urgot -
Vladimir -
Xin Zhao -

Ofcourse everything will be discussed, but I just hope we can make a final list.

And remember, always come with a reason on why this champion can counter that champion.
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Veigar> anything ap
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I think you don't know the meaning of the word "Official".

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Hehe. I used the word Official just for the heck of it :D
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If I had a dollar for every stupid person I've come across, I'd be able to buy China.
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#7KagerasuPosted 9/19/2010 7:26:38 AM
Wait this makes no sense now that I put two seconds of thought into it. Counters not only go into soft and hard, but depends on the situation too. A counter in 1v1 mid may not work as a counter in a 2v2 top/bot or 2v1/1v2 let alone team fights or skirmishes.

There's very little instance where a champion can outright shut down another champion completely in almost all circumstances.
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#8alvinxiePosted 9/19/2010 7:26:54 AM
What if some heroes really don't need a specific counter and get shutdown by the slightest cc?
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#9Worm199(Topic Creator)Posted 9/19/2010 7:28:02 AM
True but think about it like pokemon.

Some pokemons have great counters, but can still defeat there counters if used right, its just against the odds.
#10alvinxiePosted 9/19/2010 7:35:06 AM

From: Worm199 | #009
True but think about it like pokemon.

Some pokemons have great counters, but can still defeat there counters if used right, its just against the odds.

You switch out against a counter......
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