warwick runes

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6 years ago#1
armor pen vs attack speed


explain why and possibly give maths
6 years ago#2
AS = More Madred's procs?
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6 years ago#3
but does a meager 20% attack speed or whatever it adds up to outweigh the benefit of armor pen on all your hits?

please provide math supports
6 years ago#4
also can i have a full runepage seems like yellows and blues dont matter
6 years ago#5
arpen or magic pen reds

attack speed everything else

I have about 20 arpen and 20% IAS
6 years ago#6
You only need enough armor pen for jungling. Once you get about 20 you're okay. Using attack speed for yellow and blues should be fine but you're better off using armor pen/magic pen for reds and probably your quints also.

Fun fact: using IAS in every single slot, plus masteries can get you to something like 42%, but you'll die to golem without the armor pen.
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6 years ago#7
ive been using an attackspeed reds, 0 armor pen runepage(my kogmaw page) and do golem fine.
6 years ago#8
6 years ago#9

They're faster and make your ult hit harder.
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