2nd of the no edited sound videos

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6 years ago#1

Cho Gath - it totally fits him

Remember- the real videos have me MUTING ALL sounds including the music i was currently hearing when i was recording the video. I place a different video over it which causes it to mute all in game sounds and background music.

That means this was was I was hearing DURING recording the jungle path.
6 years ago#2
Jesus stone, do you really listen to brittney spears and chipmunk techno?
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6 years ago#3
Pretty sure I heard techno-ized Hare Hare Yukai in there somewhere near the beginning. >_>
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6 years ago#4
Nico Nico Medley

Really Stone?
6 years ago#5
kumikyoku tier 2

ryuuseigun top tier imo
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6 years ago#6
If you played with Stone, you'll notice that they're always weird noise coming from him.
Are girls something with ".jpg" at the end of their name?
6 years ago#7
http://i53.tinypic.com/153n0d0.jpg (What do you mean its not awesome?)
6 years ago#8
omg, kimikyou. lol, i love you stone.
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6 years ago#9
As I have probably one of the vastest tastes in women - i have an equally vast taste in musi.c
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