New hero a complete rip off of Warhammer?

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6 years ago#11
I'm personally too busy rejoicing over the fact that Riot finally put Witch Doctor's Maeledict into the game. Going to enjoy Ulting people, using Deathfire, then watching the insta-gib.
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6 years ago#12
The only thing really Tzeentch about that hero is the colours of blue and gold.

Other than that he looks more like a Wizard of the Imperial Colleges. Possibly a follower of Morr. (sp?)

Although a hero ripping off either the Changeling, Blue Scribes or some of the more interesting Slaaneshi champions might be fun (and no I don't mean sex, I mean old school Slaaneshi with champions that cause life to bloom and twist with each step or excess without womg nipples)

Although a Malal counterpart to the Might of Lockfar would make my day.
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6 years ago#13
Yeah I guess when taking it from a warhammer perspective instead of WAR perspective it's a bit differerent haha...when you have gotten use to the Raven Host, the similarities are striking.

I can definitely see how he could be a grey imperial wizard though.
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6 years ago#14
I really don't care because I think its a cool champ. Maybe riot needs to rip off more champs from other games.
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From: Fluxeon | Posted: 4/26/2004 2:48:33 PM |
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