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6 years ago#1
4.2k atm, should I do it?
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6 years ago#2
I'll save you the IP and tell you to buy Cho'Gath instead if a tanky mage is what you want.
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6 years ago#3
I bought him on release day because he reminds me of Poe, and I regret it. He's one of the few champs I have no fun playing as. I think I've played him 4 or 5 times, and he just doesn't do anything for me. If you haven't played him yet, I highly suggest waiting for his free week or logging on a friends acct who owns him.

Although I still think his design is freaking awesome though :)
6 years ago#4
I main him, dont regret for a second.
I'd have to agree with waiting for a free week (actually i think that's next week but don't quote me on it)
its my policy to run tests before taking any champion into a real game
6 years ago#5
I enjoy playing him (when i do play him, maybe 1/20 games). My score always ends up with a TON of assists, and few kills/deaths. I think his 'q' needs to frontload like 60% of its damage and he would be doing better *shrug* not a bad champ though
6 years ago#6
Yeah, his E is actually way better than his Q in every way.

Not only does it do the same amount of damage as his Q, have a way better AP ratio(.8 to .2), but it increases your damage output, and it can't be escaped from like his Q.
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6 years ago#7
That .2 is multi-hit. Still lower, but not as bad.
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6 years ago#8
swain is one of those champs that very few people will have fun playing, i bought him the first day he came out and boy do i regret it.

wait for the free week.
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