How much money should you save up before level 20 for Runes? xd

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6 years ago#21
If you really really want a champion then fork out a few bucks for them and buy RP. You can never buy runes with RP so it's better to use your IP on them in the long run.
6 years ago#22
Why do you have to buy full sets? I just bought them one at a time...
6 years ago#23
Well I'll buy as many runes as I can at 20, enough to fill out a AD Page and maybe a Tank Page xd
6 years ago#24
You can also buy T3 runes before you're level 20, you just can't use them.
6 years ago#25
I've spent 10k on runesets several times. There are some good generic ones like armor or magic pen, some survival ones like health and armour and then if you are a dedicated jungler you will have mega expensive and exclusive runesets that only work for a few champs in a specific way in the jungle. Buying the champ bundles really helps with this, gives you access to a wide range of champs and by the time you get to 20 you should have enough IP to buy a good runeset and several expensive champs.
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6 years ago#26
I like Ashe so far, so I'm going to build according to ranged DPS carries xd
At level 20 I'll have 2 Quints, 6 of each Red Yellow and Blue
6 Red Armour Penetration Runes * 410 = 2460
6 Yellow Greater Seal of Clarity * 205 = 1230
6 Blue Either CDR or something else? Not sure what to get. Also not sure on which Quints to get, any advice? xd
6 years ago#27
Bump xd
6 years ago#28
Unless you plan on buying extra runepages, you should try to just make two pages that fit all champions.

Magic/armor pen reds + Flat armor yellows + scaling magic resist blues +health quints = Profit for all champs.

CDR runes is what all the cool kids pick apparently, but if you think about it, their cost is insane and they only provide about a 5% reduction. If you have a skill on a 10 second cooldown, it becomes a 9.5 second cooldown. IMO some extra magic resist is way better, if you need CDR anyway it's not hard to get a Glacial Shroud and Lucidity Boots. MP5 runes also don't do any good if your champion doesn't have mana or isn't mana-reliant.

As for Ashe, you don't need CDR on her at all, she's not meant to be spamming skills. What with one being a toggle and then the hawkshot etc. If you must, MP5 runes, else just grab scaling magic resist since you won't have too much of that as Ashe.
6 years ago#29
Okay I reached level 20, 13815 money xd
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