Pick my next champ (noob edition)

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5 years ago#1
So im unsure of who to pick to play as next and im pretty new (2 weeks in) and am going to buy a 3150 champ...

But who should i get LeBlanc or Garen?

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5 years ago#2
Garen and never regret it. Spin to win!
R.I.P Halo 2
5 years ago#3

Hes good bro and Garen kinda sucks
5 years ago#4
LeBlanc is the better out of those two, but she's far from easy. Both of them shine early game and mid game, and fall into the background end game.
5 years ago#5
I just bought Leblanc today and regret it. She does a lot of damage, but I couldn't really help in team fights and as soon as anything mean (Like warwick) looked at me wrong I was dead. Even when I would try to one on one somebody, unless I got the jump on them, I would kill them and only have about 100 health or less left. I would say you should get Warwick or Xin, but it depends on what type of champ you like.
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