Lee Sin has no team presence

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5 years ago#1
hello alistar 0.5
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5 years ago#2
Well, if the other team is positioned terribly he can boot the tank back through them for massive damage.

That's pretty much it, though.
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5 years ago#3
he has an AoE slow and 2 blink spells. what else you want from the guy?
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5 years ago#4
immune to pool turret
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5 years ago#5
He has a sustained damage presence, if you build him beefy enough--which you should be. He also can slow an enemy, execute a fleeing enemy with Q or do massive damage to a tank/high HP target. He has an AoE slow.

He has a hell of a lot more utility than most melee champions, AND a ranged ability that allows him to farm harass-free.

The only problem is, he is a genuine DPS. He's not ultra-burst like Xin with Charge+Ult+TTS combo, or Pantheon with Aegis+(Former version of)Heartseeker Strike+Spear Shot.

He's closer to a more team-oriented Master Yi or Tryndamere.

Also his ult is great for fight disruption. Bring flash, drop a ward on that side of the wall, flash over, kick a carry in to your team, W to the ward. Win.
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