What was the old ryze like?

#11drewjustforyouPosted 5/3/2011 11:58:28 PM
as a melee champ susceptible to CC, old ryze=/tremble, one character I would back down from 80% of the time with all things even. he could absolutely lock down a lane once he got his ult.

may have been that I was learning the game at the time (even ryzebots scared me), but he was such a nuke. squishy yes, but nuclear powered glass cannon.
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Ryze used to be one of my fav characters. He isn't as fun to me now, though.

Here are some good memories:
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Beta Ryze was a prime example of a mage assassin. If he caught you alone, you could kiss your health bar goodbye.

Beta passive gave him bonus AP if he was low on health.
Overload has a longer cooldown but did more damage.
Rune Prison was roughly the same, only the damage was a DoT then
His old E (can't remember the name) used his AP to make his auto attacks deal bonus magic damage.
Spell Flux was his old ultimate. The missile travelled much slower and bounced 6 times. It also did somewhere in the realm of 300-400 BASE magic damage per hit.

If he caught you by himself, you were fried. In a group, especially with minions, he lost his touch, as he didn't have the AoE ult that he does, and Spell Flux could still bounce off of minions, burning a huge chunk of damage on one of them.
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Another big thing about Spell Flux is that the magic resistance reduction used to stack. This really melted through a lot of people's MR.
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#15ArmyOfWinPosted 5/4/2011 5:26:20 AM
I still saw Old Ryze do some scary things, even though he was primarily an early game caster. I saw an entire team facecheck a brush near baron against a fed Ryze. The damage done by his E and ult on clumped enemies was obscene and his team scored an ace in like 2 seconds.
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Overload (Active) - Ryze unleashes a terrifying energy blast of lightning at a single enemy unit.
(Current overload, scales with AP +1 Ratio)

Mana Leach (Active) -Ryze's attacks siphon mana off of enemy units, bestowing it upon himself.
(Steals 2% of the targets mana, your 10% of total mana added to your auto attacks also changes basic attacks of Ryze to magic damage from physical damage )

Rune Prison (Active) - Binds the target with sealing runes, prohibiting movement and attacks.
(Snares for 1.25, 1.75, 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 seconds, +0.8 AP ratio)

Spell Flux (Active) - Releases a chain lightning that will seek out multiple targets to strike. Can strike both enemy units and Ryze himself. Each strike on enemy units deals damage. Each strike on Ryze doesn't deal damage, but is channeled through Ryze to an enemy.
(Deals 300 damage at all levels, jumps 5/7/9 times, +1 AP ratio)

Desperate Power (Passive) - While Ryze's health is low, his ability power is increased.
(40/80/120 AP below 40% HP)

Overpowered as hell.
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From: MagickHUNTER | #016
Rune Prison (Active) - Binds the target with sealing runes, prohibiting movement and attacks.
(Snares for 1.25, 1.75, 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 seconds, +0.8 AP ratio)


I can only imagine.