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5 years ago#1
What is it?

Server stability
Character / Map design
Customer Support
System Reqs

For me, the BIGGEST FLAW in League of Legends is that you have to rely on others to achieve success.

I've played soo many games now that I pretty much know the game inside and out. I do enjoy League of Legends when there's solid competition and everyone is playing up to par. However, it's heart-breaking when you load up a game with good intentions only to find three of your teammates combine for 0/12/3 within the first 10 minutes of the game. Then when you try to correct or offer advice to your feeding teammates you're met with troll rage and negativity.

Hopefully the Tribunal will fix things soon enough, but still for me it's quite frustrating that for these types of games you must rely on complete strangers at times to be successful.

I know I can stop playing, and for the most part I have. Just wanted to query the population on this.
Currently: LoL (unfortunately) / Mythos (IT'S A FUN GAME!)
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5 years ago#2
Gasp. Teamwork. Such a flaw.
5 years ago#3
go back to dota and pick axe. then you have something to complain about.
To put it into perspective, my cat farmed a creep wave successfully by hopping on my desk and keyboard. - Scarmott
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5 years ago#4
Self important annoying detractors who somehow believe user error indicates product flaw.
GT: Cactusguy. Hakumen player
5 years ago#5
Granted teamwork and relying on others is part of the beauty and fun of LoL, it's also it's worst flaw at the same time. A classic double-edged sword.

I think maybe because LoL is so 'pick up and play' ready that it gives players the safety of locking in, then if things don't go their way in 10 minutes they just rage and cause destruction within their game. They know they can do this and get away with it easily because 1) prior reporting didn't work 2) they'll likely never see their teammates again and 3) even if they do get punished they can simply create another account.

Compare these dynamics to something like WoW. In WoW you can't really do Arena without a partner/team. In order to find said partner/team you have to search them out, review their history and test out their skills. If you started playing with them and things went bad, sure you can just quit. However, if you ragequit or cause instant losses then your reputation on server is shot and you'll be hard-pressed to play again in those realms w/o a server transfer. You can't just make another account unless you want to level up again and pay another $15/month for a sub.

Idk, just talking about the game. It'd be nice if the trolls stayed out of this thread and real discussions could be had, but then again this is the LoL board.
Currently: LoL (unfortunately) / Mythos (IT'S A FUN GAME!)
Always: ZOE: The 2nd Runner, Shadow of the Colossus
5 years ago#6
Don't get me wrong I think team oriented goals and achievements are the best aspects of gaming. There's no better feeling to me when you accomplish a group effort.

It's just that I think maybe in LoL's case, there's not enough responsibility placed on the individual player in that there's nothing to lose regardless of your actions. This type of loose atmosphere does nothing but encourage horrible culture in the game's community.
Currently: LoL (unfortunately) / Mythos (IT'S A FUN GAME!)
Always: ZOE: The 2nd Runner, Shadow of the Colossus
5 years ago#7
-Not having a pause/save for custom games and if something goes wrong, like a person dc'ing then that team is out of luck

- Observer mode still not available
5 years ago#8
Nothing to lose? If you individually do poorly you damage your team, which can have snowball effects. That is in every aspect, from map awareness to gamesense to personal execution to judgement calls. If you lose a match you get half the IP reward. If you get reported you'll eventually end up on the chopping block. If you troll you run the risk of meeting someone who is just gonna smack you down.

EDIT: That's just normal que too. Doing bad in ranked means you lose ELO, and having crap ELO really don't do much for one's "reputation"

Asking people to care about a game if nothing in the game matters to them is impossible. There's no flaw in League that has to do with that that isn't present in every video game. If you have a problem with randoms being pub quality, get/make a team. Simple and easy. Coming to the League board and listing things you think might be a BIGGEST FLAW then following up with some wishy washy nonsense about players just makes you look like a troll.
GT: Cactusguy. Hakumen player
5 years ago#9
wow...he plays a game which has teams...then complains about it being a flaw?

yeah...just go play solo warcraft3 or somethin
5 years ago#10
The biggest, glaring flaw in League at the moment is the fact they're too ****ing lazy to mirror Summoner's Rift so Purple doesn't get screwed over on skillshot harass.
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