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Didn't see anyone post it yet O_o


*Tier 1 - Orianna, Gangplank, Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Annie, Alistar, Corki, Brand, Akali, Nidalee, Soraka, Karthus, Nocturne, Mordekaiser, Irelia,Casseopia, Renekton, Warwick, Cho'Gath, Jarvan IV, Ashe,Vayne, Vlad, Malzahar, Rumble, Singed, Twisted Fate, Amumu, Yorick

* Tier 2 - Tristana, Teemo, Kassadin,Lee Sin, Taric, Caitlyn, Urgot, Kog’Maw, Swain, Ryze, Jax, Kennen, Xin Zhao, Garen, Shaco, Maokai, Sion, Lux, Zilean, Gragas, Trundle, Miss Fortune, Janna,Leblanc, Ezreal, Anivia, Mundo

* Tier 3 – Blitzcrank, Morgana, Master Yi, Malphite, Wukong, Olaf, Rammus, Nunu, Tryndamere, Sona, Poppy, Shen

* Tier 4 – Sivir, Veigar, Nasus, Leona, Katarina, Pantheon, Kayle, Twitch, Galio, Karma, Heimerdinger,Eve

Warwick moved down in tier 1 - His laning got hit by the nerf, and he's not that crazy in lane anymore. Still a viable laner, and still a great jungler though.

Twisted Fate moved down in tier 1 - The ulti nerf hit him a bit so he's moving down accordingly.

Rumble moved down in tier 1 - I felt he was a bit too high in tier 1.

Jarvan moved down in tier 1 - I felt he was a bit too high in tier 1. His laning not that crazy anymore and I am seeing him as more of a jungler now.

Brand moved up in tier 1 - Great laning. Powerful early and mid game. Very strong burst.

Orianna moved up in tier 1 - Insane utility and damage on top of great lane control. Solo queue boss.

Gangplank moved up in tier 1 - Amazing jungler as his ganks are very strong. His early and mid game are strong but late game he just becomes a powerhouse.

Udyr moved up in tier 1 - Had him a bit too low. Yes his laning got nerfed a bit but still incredibly hard to push out of lane and still farms great in lane and just like GP is a powerhouse late game.

Teemo moved down to tier 2 - I felt he was too high so I moved him down a bit.
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Karthus moved up in tier 1 - I think his R just makes him godmode for solo queue. On top of his R his baron and dragon DPS is LOLWTF and by LOLWTF I mean ZOMGFAST. Clearing baron quickly and picking up low kills are massive turning points in solo queue so I feel he should be higher.

Soraka moved up in tier 1 - Counter Karthus so I moved her up.. Justttt Kidddinggg but her heals are godlike. Duo queue with a good Soraka player for free Elo as healing is broken in solo queue imo.

Yorick moved up to tier 1 - BUT WHY ELEMENTZ WHY! HE GOT NERFED SO HARD! I know he did but he counters people without any sustain INCREDIBLY hard still. Throw him vs any caster middle or AD carry (rare but still) he counters them very well. Still a very strong solo queue champ. Not so much competitive play but in solo queue yes.

Mordekaiser moved up to tier 1 - Morde es #1 Elementz tier list (;3) Winning lanes in solo queue wins you games. Morde wins lanes quite effectively. That's about it.

Fiddlesticks moved up in tier 1 - Fiddle moved up in tier 1 becaus-CAWCAWCAWCAW.. That's basically it. You land ONE good ultimate in a team fight and you turn the game in your favor instantly. Doesn't matter if you're losing, a good Fiddle ulti will change the game into your favor.

Akali moved up in tier 1 - Her ability to snowball is just disgusting. Playing vs or with a fed Akali early is just like (WHY SHE DO SO MUCH DAMAGE AND I CAN'T KILL HER?) She's one of the strongest fed champions in the game and her burst is high so killing people who don't know to play vs Akali (there's a lot) and snowballing to win games in easy.

Kassadin moved up in tier 2 - I feel even though his laning is kinda weak, he picks up kills in team fights so nicely and can snowball you into a win.

Cassiopeia moved up to tier 1 - Stupid strong laning. Q + E harass is pretty strong atm. Win lane, win game.

Tristana moved up in tier 2 - I feel she was a bit too low.

Taric moved up to tier 2 - I feel he was a bit too low.

Swain moved down to tier 2 - I feel he was a bit too high. His nerfs have knocked him down.

Kennen moved up in tier 2 - I feel he should be a bit higher. He compliments team fights so well with other AoE Champs.

Garen moved up to tier 2 - I feel he was a bit too low. He's still a great solo queue champ.

Kog'Maw moved up to tier 2 - His late game is most likely the strongest out of any AD carry (yes even beating Corki) in single target DPS. You just hit so hard from so far away. And his R when fed does some amazing poke damage.

Nunu moved down to tier 3 - He's not so great anymore.

Nasus moved down to tier 4 - Requires a lot of farm to be godlike. Tier 4 suites him better.

Kayle moved down to tier 4 - Same as Nasus. I feel she needs a lot of farm now to reach that "damn! OP" state.

**New Champ Time**

Leona placed in tier 4 - Her laning is just so awkard atm. Some duo comps work well with her (Leona + Lux) and her solo lane is okay. She just requires a lot of farm like Nasus n Kayle to reach the unkillable state. You really need to be smart on what you're laning vs with her.

Wukong placed in tier 3 - His laning is actually pretty decent. His team fighting is okay too. Overall a decent champ but nothing crazy.
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You didn't see anyone post it because nobody cares about elementz anymore.
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Cuboned posted...
You didn't see anyone post it because nobody cares about elementz anymore.

Oh, okay.. Please excuse my low gamefaqs elo
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Why does this guy talk to himself so
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Elementz definitely knows more then your average gamefaqs poster.
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A solo queue tier list isn't that interesting. Just look at how big tier 1 is - play at a decent level, and you should already have a good idea of what picks are strong.
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In The Wings posted...
Elementz definitely knows more then your average gamefaqs poster.

Gangplank, Karthus, Yorick all moved up soon after they got nerfed. After the nerfs they are clearly even better than before.
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In The Wings posted...
Elementz definitely knows more then your average gamefaqs poster.

He's bad at getting his points across.

For some people, knowing Annie is tier 1 is enough.

Maybe he's right with his choices, but his reasonings are laughable.
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I think the latest Swain 'nerf' helped out if anything, so I don't always agree with elementz teir list, but lemme just cut and paste this from that other thread because I'm slightly drunk to celebrate an acceptance letter.

* A tier list is when characters are grouped, in a top to bottom style. Generally what this means is that the characters near the top of the list are more likely to result in victory. Theoretically, in say, a fighting game, this also means that a character at the top of the tier list will defeat a character in the middle of the tier list if both players are of equal skill. League of Legends works a little differently, however, and it generally relates to how well they perform their role and how well they contribute to the team's overall success in the mode the tier list correlates to (5v5, 3v3). They always pertain only directly to high-level play.

* Regardless, there are counters. For example, Character A might be top tier, but Character B might be bottom tier. However, C. B. is noted to have an advantage over C. A., so he is moved to the middle of the tier list, but he does not fare as well against the other top tier characters. Picking a character that is good against another is called "counterpicking".

* Tier lists are generally managed by a group of members, generally all with great experience on the video game. They uses statistics, their opinions (after deliberation) and both normal and tournament play results in order to come up with the tier list. These are of course, opinions, but are generally pretty accurate (otherwise people wouldn't make them).

* Element'z's tier list is managed by himself but he does get opinions from other high-level players.

* Elementz is a high-level competitive player.

* Elementz's tier lists are specific to certain areas. His most commonly quoted one pertains to high level play, something curiously valued heavily by most players that don't even play at this level.

* Tier lists are always changing, because new strategies come out. In LoL, this also refers heavily to the metagame - for example, due to the fact that tanky dps are rampant with gap closers, this makes some characters, such as Ezreal, fall in the tier list. If healers become a highly used strategy, characters with anti-healing capabilities will likely rise in the tier list.

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