Champions to counter Riven.

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4 years ago#1
So, I'm thinking some manner of kiting or maybe someone with low cooldowns/high burst? Not sure.

Reason I'm asking is, I need a good 1v1 counterpick to Riven as I'm betting with a friend who is better. I KNOW he's going to pick Riven because I suck at dealing with her.

Who is a decent choice for a champ to counter her?
4 years ago#2

anyone with CC.

anyone with armor.

Alternatively, just pick Rammus, Amumu, or Trundle. Considering it's 1v1.
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4 years ago#3
Olaf wins lane against Riven pretty hard.
Impure Fools
4 years ago#4
I find i pretty easily take her as Garen solo top...Or someone with high built in sustain will be able to push her around quite a bit until she gets her wriggles and by then you hopefully have enough of a gold lead to be able to out gear her.
4 years ago#5
Go with Trundle, because I'd feel really uneasy seeing Amumu and Rammus top.. It can be done, but CC doesn't need to be bought by cash, unlike damage.
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4 years ago#6
Oh and I have success with Kennen vs. her too.

Just abuse that you're a ranged champ and auto her at a distance while poking her with Q.

If you deny hard enough you'll win early laning.

Get's harder when it's your WotA against her Wriggle's though
Impure Fools
4 years ago#7
Pick Olaf and laugh as you kill her 5 times in lane.
And come to realize...its all as it should be.
4 years ago#8
i know rammus will rape riven 1v1, but why olaf? I haven't played in a while so I don't know if olaf got buffed or not
4 years ago#9
Yeah Olaf...and Ashe's constant slows
4 years ago#10
Yeah uh, Olaf is not going to beat Ribbon.
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