whats more worth it, xp boost 1 day or 4 wins?

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User Info: mrich528

5 years ago#1
have a little bit of left over RP, thats the only thing i can afford with it. so which one is more worth it? if i were to lose every game, how many games would i need to play in a day to make it equivalent to the 4 win boost? thanks guys
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User Info: genericname1234

5 years ago#2
Depends entirely on how long the games go.
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#3
depends on how many games you play.

Edit: On average, assume 200 IP for a win and 150-ish IP for a loss.
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User Info: cjmithrandir

5 years ago#4
personally, i prefer the "1 day", because i tend to play 10 games that day if i know i have the boost.
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User Info: anilEhilated

5 years ago#5
Xp boosts are never worth it.
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User Info: enamea

5 years ago#6
Depends. It COULD take ~13 loses to gain what you would have in 4 wins. But then again, you could lose 3 games and still make more than 4 wins.

On average, you're probably looking at about 6 games (edit: losses).

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

5 years ago#7
if you plan on playing more then 4 games in 1 day then it makes sense to get the 1 day. if you dont play a lot in 1 day then get the wins.
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User Info: Soul Reaver4

Soul Reaver4
5 years ago#8
Wait a minute... Do the X day IP boosts increase the amount of IP you get for losses as well as wins?
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User Info: Xion350

5 years ago#9
The time based boosts work on wins and losses.

IMO: The day boosts are always better.
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  3. whats more worth it, xp boost 1 day or 4 wins?

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