wriggle's vs executioner's calling?

#1OmfgitsBlahPosted 5/1/2012 8:08:23 PM
On lane ad vs heal meta.
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#2HandofNODPosted 5/1/2012 9:33:48 PM
IMO at this point the callings not a bad buy, cheap good LS and decent Crit would stack well with an Inf Edge and a zeal, and I've had many times where its magic dmg actually killed someone who though they were going to get away. Wriggle's isnt a bad item but the calling going to be worth the slot for a lot longer IMO and can be traded out for a BT once your PD and def item of choice is done.
#3FatesadventPosted 5/1/2012 9:42:06 PM
I think they're both pretty viable now. Wriggle's is more usable for most champions, but executioner can really hurt a lane with healers.

For someone with longer range, it could be useful for harass, the on hit damage adds up (including MR, its still >16 damage per hit), prevents them from recalling, and you lifesteal back any short term damage while preventing theirs.
#4Varg_BURZUMPosted 5/1/2012 9:42:24 PM
Calling isn't as good on AD casters though.
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#5iXCelticXiPosted 5/1/2012 9:42:30 PM
I guess Calling could be cool against Mundo, Vlad, Swain etc
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#6DevistroPosted 5/1/2012 9:43:06 PM
Wriggles is one of the best items in game

Lifesteam + Atk + Armor + free wards
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#7zoid_maniacPosted 5/1/2012 9:57:28 PM
Get calling if playing as GP against Vlad or Warwick.
#8SlaynPosted 5/1/2012 10:34:07 PM
4 tiamats, 1 executioners calling Fiora.
#9x77654Posted 5/1/2012 10:43:09 PM
zoid_maniac posted...
Get calling if playing as GP against Vlad or Warwick.

This. Parrrley adds on-hit effects right? Executioners calling does like 30 something damage over time each time you poke which will add up over time. The active will let you control any sustain the enemy has and on a short cool down. Great item.
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