What is the standard team composition for this game?

#1Shiny__gengarPosted 6/13/2012 4:38:10 AM
So I'm tired of being paired up with hard-headed people that think 5 physical attackers is the way to win a game, so me and 4 other friends are gonna make a cohesive team but we don't really know what makes a good team.

What archetypes are there and what should our team look like in terms of that?
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#2tivanenkPosted 6/13/2012 4:43:16 AM
Top - Tanky DPS
Mid - AP Caster
Bot - AD Carry/Support
Jungle - Any viable jungler
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From: tivanenk | Posted: 6/13/2012 7:43:16 AM | #002
Top - Tanky DPS
Mid - AP Caster
Bot - AD Carry/Support
Jungle - Any viable jungler


I...have no idea what any of that means except for support which is fairly obvious.
Can I get some examples of champions who fit those roles?
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#4zeppelin312Posted 6/13/2012 4:53:34 AM
Irelia-tanky deeps
Ad carry-vayne
ap mid-vieg
#5DoomikaziPosted 6/13/2012 4:56:02 AM
Solo top tanky dps: Riven, Yorick, Lee sin, udyr, Singed, Shyvana, Rumble, or Kennan fulfills that role as well.

Middle ap caster: brand, xerath, annie, anivia, ahri, veigar, le blanc, cass

Bott ranged ad carry: Ashe, cait, varus, graves, draven, sivir, tristana, ezreal

Bot support (usually grabbing no minions, and getting gold producing items and runes. Responsible for river warding and the such {not entirely}): Janna, Soraka, Taric, Alistar

Jungler (If you don't know jungling look it up online on things like solomid.net): Nautilus, Warwick, Lee sin, udyr, dr.mundo, skarner, amumu, maokai

All decent examples for ya.
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#6ST3ALTHxK1LLAHPosted 6/13/2012 4:57:04 AM
Top is a very Large HP pool champion 9/10 times melee

Middle is a "Magic" Person who usually can kill someone very fast but also very fragile

Bottom lane is a Person with a autoattack for their Main source of damage, also very fragile, along with a support

jungle is the spaces in between the 3 lanes, in the 2 big spaces there are "groups of mobs" which spawn every 3-4 minutes on average, the junglers job is to help lanes that are losing and kill the groups of mobs over and over again. the Junglers can vary in statistics, they could be very high damage with low HP pool (shaco/yi) or Very tanky (shen/nautilus)

so an example of a team comp could be

Lee sin top
Leblanc mid
Vayne & Alistar bottom
Udyr jungle
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This or

From: tivanenk | #002
Top - A person who can tank
Mid - A person that builds Ability Power
Bot - A person that is a physical attacker as you said (if you mean Attack Damage) and support
Jungle - A champ who goes through the jungle instead of laning (useless before level 20 as you need runes). Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptfSRQj-icg

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Look at all these people who clearly don't play this game. The standard team composition, for your team, is as follows:

A guy who doesn't know what a ward is
Someone who does reasonably well
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Also, just to note, not every Jungler fits well with every team. If your team is on the squishy/assassin (AP Fizz mid for example) side, try a big tank jungler like Nautilus or Alistar as you will need to be a solid front-line for your carries.

If your team is on the tanky side (Galio mid, Malphite top, etc...) then consider a higher damage jungler like Nocturne, Riven, or something along those lines as you will need to provide damage to kill the other team while your other tanky teammates try to out-sustain the enemy damage.
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-You want someone who can initiate a fight.
-Someone who uses AP to kill things
-Someone who uses AD to kill things
-Some kind of bruiser to chase out their squishier champs or has enough CC/damage to pull others away from the two above.

The more CC the better, preferably AoE.