How many refunds do you have left?>

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4 years ago#31
tigerphenox posted...
BurnumMaster posted...
Returned Battlecast Chogath


I already had jurassic chogath, and if I could have refunded that one instead I would have. I just dont like having multiple skins when you are only going to use one.
4 years ago#32
LoL - Defunctive
4 years ago#33

No point in refunding things when I have excess IP and no interesting skins to purchase anyway.
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4 years ago#34


4 years ago#35
SwiftToadz posted...
i used 2 already, sad
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4 years ago#36
None, though I'm considering using one on panth...
4 years ago#37
usee 1on a skin+1champ
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4 years ago#38
I have none left lol. I refunded kog, maokai and rammus. I don't know why I refunded rammus. I was only 3k away from getting Skarner so I wasn't thinking, since I really wanted Skarner. Now I fully regret it, I don't like Skarner anymore.
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4 years ago#39
2 left, after I refunded Nautilus.

I'm now faced with the decision of whether to refund good champs I own, but never play.
Examples include:
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4 years ago#40

no regrets
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