I don't like some of you Summoners.

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you are mai friend, so u leik me yesz?
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From: Theivey3 | #010
What do you feel about me?

I agree that Clarity needs a buff, but Promote needs to be removed.

I like you since you like Claymore, and aren't a mean person.

From: XcaIIion | #011
you are mai friend, so u leik me yesz?

vote for pedro
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No Honor for you.
good, let the hatred flow through you. waste more of your own time. yes...good
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OwlRammer posted...
Promote needs to be able to be used on normal minions too.

Please, someone link to when promote COULD do these things. And 10 minute mid wins occurred. Please. Those were hilarious, and are great reasons why it shouldn't happen again.
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