How to Not Win $1,000,000

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4 years ago#1
Pick Blitzcrank
4 years ago#2
I think I had this deja vu thing
LoL NA IGN: MyakkoFirst|steam: rihawf
League of Legends BR IGN: Rihawf (who'd know?)
4 years ago#3
pulled a maknoon

killed him too
*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
This will continue until you make proper gamefaqs messages.
4 years ago#4
That was so 12 minutes ago. GG blitz grabs win games.
4 years ago#5
Game won by a blind hook.
For who could ever...?
4 years ago#6
What are you talking about Blitz fisted those guys for the win.
Science and Religion can be great friends. However, they make up for an awful marriage.,
4 years ago#7
Let me reword myself;

How to Not Win $1,000,000 on a non-Taiwanese Team.
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