Blitz is an unfair champion.

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As long as you have a good team that places wards... its hellishly broken.
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Rocket grab isn't annoying. It punishes people for getting caught out of position/not dodging b/c of lack of vision. If I ever get grabbed it's my fault for not moving out of the way of a skill shot that is usually telegraphed or simply not being behind my creeps.

and then you realize that Ryze can just rune prison you so blitz' rocket grab isn't actually a skillshot any more.


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g-cube_masta posted...
mana barrier annoys me more than rocket grab

seriously wtf is the cooldown on that passive, 0?

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soraka is only champ i would delete from LoL

blitz however? i mean...meh im done fighting this lol

i dont think he's OP or unfair at all. but meh. if he got nerfed i wouldnt care.
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Banshee veil > profit
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Counterplay is a big part of this game, don't like it, don't play it.

There is no counter play to getting hooked from behind a wall, when blitz has absolutely no vision.
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People act like a blind grab is easy or something. It's about as easy as a blind dragon or baron steal, which it is not.

If you know Blitz is on the other side of the trees, then you don't stay near that side of the path. Profit.
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Its not about how difficult it is.
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This kind of attitude is why League is what it is. A dumbed-down "spiritual" sequel of another game.
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Even a bad pull can be capitalized on. Worst case is an amumu, but if you pull their tank, that's one less cc to worry about as you push and focus their carry.
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Just ban him.

End of story.
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