You gain as a real life power an ability from the last champion you played...

#51YushimiPosted 10/6/2012 9:54:40 AM
Teemo's ult.

Hell yeah!
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#52MasterDarkenPosted 10/6/2012 9:59:06 AM
With the power to enter the Void at will, I will surely become the greatest hunter of all time!
#53PyroticJackPosted 10/6/2012 10:05:38 AM
Nunu ult eh?

I guess i'll put them all ..... ON ICE!

I'm horrible......
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#54fetchystickPosted 10/6/2012 10:07:36 AM
Sona ultimate. Should be TONS of fun.
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#55Shadow EdgePosted 10/6/2012 10:08:14 AM
Agony's Embrace

Uhh... does it give me the ability to instantly take off a limb or something?

Do not want.
#56KingdancealotPosted 10/6/2012 10:11:56 AM
Karma's R.

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#57ffzmanPosted 10/6/2012 10:16:17 AM
fishfishpie posted...
Cho'gath's W
i'm not sure how i feel about this

Same here, except I know exactly how I feel about it. I let out a roar and everyone in front of me shuts up? Deal.
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#58Z-911-ZPosted 10/6/2012 10:17:52 AM
Pantheon's ult, makes it really easy to get to work.

"Later guys."

*Jumps into distance*
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#59RihawfPosted 10/6/2012 10:18:42 AM
Taric's Dazzle.
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#60RvLasttimePosted 10/6/2012 10:20:47 AM
Trists ult? what can i do with that?
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