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4 years ago#431
championxxx posted...
Stream's gonna come back on and we'll see WE cheering after a victory. That'll be hilarious.

Lmao, that would be too funny.
Oh no! It's Idiot power!
4 years ago#432
'Dat DDOS bro. 'Dat DDOS
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4 years ago#433

Game crashed. :/
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4 years ago#434
OwlRammer posted...
From: SoIldSnlvy | #410
They had better just give the victory to rather than doing ANOTHER game. It was obvious they were going to win eventually.

Then they should have given the victory to WE in the other match then

That time it was only 15 mins in and the gold was relatively even. Nobody wants to have yet another redo of this game with more stall tactics.
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4 years ago#435
Stream's going to come back and we'll hear about another restarted game.
4 years ago#436

I stopped laughing.

I'll live, till we regame.
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4 years ago#437
China DDOS to force regame

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4 years ago#438
I've never laughed so hard in my life, this is the greatest moment in LoL history
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4 years ago#439
Nocturne ult to stronk xD
4 years ago#440
China launched EMP at LA.

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