Official Day 3 Topic for World Championships - Day 3

#91SkyzPosted 10/6/2012 1:54:16 PM
Black_Assassin posted...


If the NBA Finals went off of TV for even one second America would collapse. Get it together Riot.
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#92supershadonicPosted 10/6/2012 1:54:45 PM
Oh boy... sleeping on the job. Stream down.
#93SlaynPosted 10/6/2012 1:54:46 PM
The whole league of legends website is laggy and barely working.
#94MonkeymooXDPosted 10/6/2012 1:54:56 PM
I guess Twitch asploded, I can't get onto any other page.
#95Lone InfernoPosted 10/6/2012 1:55:12 PM
I take it everything is down then.
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#96LiBe____BCNOFNePosted 10/6/2012 1:55:20 PM
do fjdk lolLOLOL
#97hellraiser121Posted 10/6/2012 1:55:37 PM
Riot trying to give CLG.EU another shot?
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#98_HeX(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 1:57:45 PM
"Looks like all Internet at the venue is down"

How very perceptive of him.
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#99RunesCallPosted 10/6/2012 1:58:30 PM
; ___; .. technical issues?

At a time like this?

Nooooo!!! Every other day was fine until now!
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#100arys75Posted 10/6/2012 2:01:43 PM
Anyone else watching the OGamingTV channel? This commercial is stupidly funny.