Official Day 3 Topic for World Championships - Day 3 Part 2

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Snacks23 posted...
If I was on CLG or WE, and the game just crashed again (if it was the game too and not just the stream) I would get up and walk out and just refuse to compete until this was fixed

Amen, I would be exhausted as ****. I would hit up the closest bar and drink myself into oblivion.
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At least the DDoSer saved the poor inocent ward
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Well that is it for me, CBA with this ridiculous crap.

Once, okay these things happen.
Twice, what is going on here?!
Third time, GET THE **** OUTTA HERE RIOT!
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My god. I'm done. This is stupid. It's like watching 2 snails go at it over and over. It sucks that the more fast paced teams are after this match.
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problem is that this match has to finish, at least fits them into the best of 4s...

battle of attrition
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"At least no we know who is behind it all."

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From: MonkeymooXD | #067

"At least no we know who is behind it all."

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