"I'm going Skarner"

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4 years ago#1
What do? - Results (89 votes)
Dodge. Watch Netflix for 30m.
43.82% (39 votes)
This still might go well. I had to 2nd pick Olaf vs. Darius but its cool.
56.18% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is the only thing said by one team member in champion select. He first picks Skarner and locks in. Taking heal and clarity. You ask if he is going to take smite. Silence. You look up his profile and this is what you see ( making note of his w/l record, masteries, and rune pages ):


What do you do?

What do.... you do?
4 years ago#2
dodge. heal and calirty nuff said
4 years ago#3
Oh man, so bad. That's like my Shaco earlier that tried to be an ADC
4 years ago#4
Mixture420 posted...
dodge. heal and calirty nuff said

edit: omg those builds r f*ing hilarious
4 years ago#5
lool fail
4 years ago#6
No one could get me to play that game. No one.
4 years ago#7
Clarity Morde OP
4 years ago#8
He's awful. Dodge.
Skyz the limit. Try and Reach it.
4 years ago#9
I normally don't condone queue-dodging, but it's really not worth the stress.

Just go do something else for half an hour.
Word on the street is that you have an opinion.
Now why on earth would you go and do something like that?
4 years ago#10
I thought the rune pages were pretty funny, but I lost it at his masteries.

I guess 30/0/0 0/30/0 and 0/0/30 cover it all guys!!!!1

I seriously can't believe I get q'ed with these kinds of people...
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