Question regarding carry positioning and focus

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In teamfights, there are typically three groups of people.
The bruisers and "tanks," whose job is to usually initiate fights and dive the enemy carry, trying to kill them before they can kill your entire team.
Then there are the supports and characters with great disengages. They are usually more focused on stopping the enemy bruisers and divers from instagibbing your squishy carries.
Then there are the carries, who are generally capable of dealing the most damage, but can also take the least damage. My question is concerning the carry, and more specifically, the ADC.

As I briefly outlined, the carry is generally important for teamfights in that you will be the major source of damage for your team, however, the enemy team will likely be hellbent on killing you. Now, as a carry, I should generally be focused on killing the opposing team as fast as possible, but usually its not possible when the entire team focuses you. As such, you are generally forced to focus these divers and/or assassins.
On the other hand, ever since starting playing this game, everyone rages to no end about how terrible it is to focus the tank. My dilemma lies with this situation. If you aren't supposed to focus the tanks, but they are diving at you, who ARE you supposed to focus? If you ignore the tanks and divers, you tend to die a quick death because you are trying to get to their carries in their backlines, but if you kite back and try to kill the divers, you are doing that whole "focusing the tank" deal.
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Focus carry. The job of a tank and support is to save the carry, ie you. If a tank is close to death and the death is a sure thing, THEN is the only time to focus tank.

If the enemy team has a Soraka/Sona then I sometimes target them first over the carry because they can break your team fight. Healer (unless alistair or taric), AD Carry, AP Carry. Then whoever you can, because beyond this point you can't predict a fight.

Of course I could be wrong. Only level 23, so... GFAQs board halp?
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If you have the opportunity to do it safely, focus the carries of course.

But the majority of the time, you will not be given the chance to attack their carries, and in which case, focus whoever is closest to you while keeping yourself safe. Remember, as the AD carry, you're the designated sustain damage on your team, and you do more damage the longer you can stay alive.

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The only people who should focus the carry are the front line, aka assassins, bruisers, and tanks. The carries, both AP and AD, have to prioritize safety above damage so only attack safe targets regardless of who they are. Never run around a target like a tank to reach another target even if the enemy ADC is in range behind the tank. ALWAYS FOCUS THE CLOSEST TARGET
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From: thisisboris2 | #002

Thanks, this helped illustrate the problem a lot.

So where does this whole complaint of focusing the tank come in, or is this a valid complaint for tanks, bruisers, and assassins?
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Team fighting is an art form. There's no X Y Z steps for it.
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spartanreborn1 posted...
From: thisisboris2 | #002

Thanks, this helped illustrate the problem a lot.

So where does this whole complaint of focusing the tank come in, or is this a valid complaint for tanks, bruisers, and assassins?

The complaint is from people initiating/blowing everything on an out of position tank, then they have no spells to fight the adc/ap/etc. that is coming in.
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If you're the ad carry, then you attack whoever is closest to you in a fight. You don't try to kill the enemy carries unless they get caught out of position.

If anyone ever tells you to "stop focusing the tank" then they're bad at the game and have no idea what they're talking about.
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Note: if the enemy bruisers are CD based champions after they initiate on your team they can't really do much for about a 3 to 4 second window. Thats plenty of time to snipe their ad carry or ap carry if you position properly.
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