why hasn't there been a black character in LoL yet

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You for real? Taric is black. Karma is iffy.

taric aint black, first cuz his skin is white and second black people aint gay

frank ocean

franky ocean isnt gay

He's half gay, so it still counts.

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I'm pretty sure Wukong is black.


what? <.<;

That's actually not funny at all lol. I'm all for racist jokes, but at least make it clever and humorous.
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All Noxians are black.
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none of these champions are black...
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because if a black champion dies, there's gonna be huge scuffle about racism

it's totally ok to kill the white guys and the asians

it's never ok to kill anyone black
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The better question is "Why does there have to be a black character in LoL?"....
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none of them are black jax is a whiteboy he got a white voice and he is all covered so we cant see his skin.

You think a white guy has those hops?
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By that logic Yi has to be black. No white guy is that fast.
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Nidalee and Myrmidon Pantheon.

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