Fiora Build Question

#1majior_paynePosted 10/17/2012 3:45:16 PM
I just purchased Fiora Probably couple hours ago. And i've been doing decently building her like all the carrys i play. However, i was told she works better a Bruiser Tank. Now i dont know if this is true or not. But i would to know a Solid Build for her. If someone can tell me a good build for her i'd very much appreciate it.
#2Yusuke001Posted 10/17/2012 3:47:00 PM
The only answer is 6 tiamats.
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#4kanated123Posted 10/17/2012 3:53:04 PM(edited)
Play her like an AD caster, not as a carry and not as a bruiser. Build her kinda like Riven and Talon.

Meaning that you should get stuff like BT and LW. BT, Mercs, Maw, GA, LW, Mallet is a good build but it obviously should be kept situational. Black Cleaver is a pretty good snowball item on her as well.

Biggest problem with Fiora is that people don't know how to build her. Plenty of people tell you to go IE + PD on her and then complain that "melee carries" suck. Newsflash: if melee carries suck then don't build her like one.

EDIT: Yeah, each of her ulti's strikes procs Tiamat so that's 5 x 0.5AD in AoE damage. This equals some really scary damage. Tiamat procs have a low range so it's not very reliable unless the enemy team clumps together.
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Not really lol, but Fiora is one the few champs tiamats aren't terrible on. That is if your just playing normals, Fiora is somewhat frowned upon in ranked in general, unless the match up is good. A more serious build would consist of something like:

More dmg/defense
More dmg/defense

If you wanna have fun in normals though, you can totally do:

Tiamat x 3
Last Whisper

And then laugh when you ult the enemy team.
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#6ssj4supervegetaPosted 10/17/2012 3:57:29 PM
If you get fed/get a massive lead? go full ad carry mode with maybe a B-veil

if you dont get fed/just a farm lane/even with enemy? go bruiser style with at least one big big item (like IE or something) also tiamat actually isnt so bad ;D j/s works with her ult, if enemy groups up it ends up working well....j/s

my personal build is something like wiggles/hex, blood thirster, PD, tiamat (i dont actually build it that often lol), boots depending on enemy of course, if you feel you dont need defensive boots get zerker grieves. phage (for the health mostly), and last whisper/black cleaver (black cleaver works with her ult so...take your pick)

a brutalizer is also good on her if you dont want a wiggles/hexdrinker, ghostblade is kind of meh imo. but the brut does help out early.

if you're behind? You'll basically be useless but try to build bruiser/tanky
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Wit's End is a cheap way to buff your ult by ~200 magic damage, if you're desperate for MR.
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#8Yusuke001Posted 10/17/2012 4:01:26 PM
The real problem with Fiora is she's meant to be a duelest, but she's simply too squishy to out duel a lot of champions, that and her kit has no cc. I was a 8-0-6 Fiora earlier and tried to 1v1 a Zix that was like 5-4-2 and he would have beaten me if my team hadn't been there to help. Zix is designed for 1v1 too, but it's a bit silly when I'm clearly more fed with more items, but still get out dueled.
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im still new ish to the games. So as far a BT (Blood thirsters) IE and Pd's go. idk abbreviations well.
#10edubsPosted 10/17/2012 4:55:09 PM
IE = Infinity edge
PD = Phantom Dancer
BT = Blood Thirster
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