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4 years ago#1
Hi I am new to the gamefaqs boards. This is actually going to be my first post!! I am looking to help anyone in ranked for League of Legends who is serious about trying to achieve any elo goal. My IGNs: SeaIntoTheSky and StarGambler. I am 4 games away from Platinum on my main, shy of 1800, and am willing to help anyone on my StarGambler account which is currently just over 1500 elo.

I play on HST on the NA servers at about 5:00pm and onward. I do not believe in elo hell as I have boosted many friends up to gold rating. If you are willing to learn and don't mind my constructive criticism as we play(I do not rage, I am always laughing and trying to help others learn from mistakes) please msg me in this board or online.
4 years ago#2
are you a girl
4 years ago#3
I am not. I am hoping to help the community grow!
4 years ago#4
Added you IGN: DrewDaDruid
4 years ago#5
Added your StarGambler account. I could use a duo queue partner. I'm at 1400 atm.
XBL: Edge4o7
P4A: Yu UMvC3 Zero/Dante/Sent
4 years ago#6
I get off work in an hour and a half, and would like to play with you if you are still on and free. I have been really getting into ranked here lately, and am open for pointers and tips. Im at 1330 elo atm, and would love some help getting to 1500. Summoner name is alcoholic angel
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4 years ago#7
I'll add you my IGN is identical and I'm currently 1449 elo, highest is 1519, would like to get to plat a good duo partner would help tons.
4 years ago#8
Sorry I forgot to mention. I am looking for these to be more of learning experiences than straight elo boosting. If you'd like me to help critique the games as we go let me know while we are playing. I do not want to just aid in elo inflation and have them drop when our set of games are over. So please let this be for people who are looking to both expand their own gaming skills and also calling me out to help increase mine as well.

Thank you for the people who have posted thus far. I am looking forward to gaming with you. I will be home in about 3 hours from this time to start my gaming spree.
4 years ago#9
I definitely want to get better. I already have gold in 5v5 so I don't really care about hitting gold in solo queue. I was just giving you an idea of where I was at.
XBL: Edge4o7
P4A: Yu UMvC3 Zero/Dante/Sent
4 years ago#10
I'm down for somebody decent to play with so I can get better. Currently like 1280 Elo, just added you. IGN is Ars Poetica
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