Teemo as adc

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4 years ago#1
how bad is that?
4 years ago#2
Pretty bad.
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4 years ago#3
AD Annie is better
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4 years ago#4
Bad range, no real steroids, don't need shrooms cause support will buy your wards anyway
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4 years ago#5
Short range and global taunt.
4 years ago#6
and if you are ever in a voice chat call or hear someone say go teemo as adc.

you should dodge? Is that correct?
4 years ago#7
Adc Teemo is viable.

Its a good counter adc for bot lane.

But he is bad late game because crappy escape (ms boost) and short range in team fights.
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4 years ago#8
He does his best damadge as magic damadge, so unless someone else is going to go AD heavy he's not ideal for that role.

He's a 'Mixed Damadge carry' more than an AD carry.

His speed makes him fairly easy to position though, and that does a lot to make up for his lack of range.

Note the people who are against him imply the carry doesn't need to ward, so...
4 years ago#9
I hate supporting Teemo's in bot lane. I don't like Teemo as an ADC.
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4 years ago#10
From: master_red | #009
I hate supporting Teemo's in bot lane. I don't like Teemo as an ADC.

Not too mention that most Teemo players in my experience are usually very whiny.
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