Big reddit topic on Froggen flaming

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TheTrueAmerican posted...
I hate the entire "Don't you know who I am?" attitude some of these pros take. Not once have I or many other people watched his stream. How are we supposed to know his silly strats?

Agree. I would of been on his side but that line annoyed me. Not everyone knows you Lee Sin mid, especially if you won't say anything in chat.
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From: EltoniaX | Posted: 10/31/2012 3:26:38 PM | #067
too bad, even riot doesn't ban on single offences.

They do issue punishments, though.
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eco master posted...
From: EltoniaX | Posted: 10/31/2012 3:26:38 PM | #067
too bad, even riot doesn't ban on single offences.

They do issue punishments, though.

not necessarily. Depends on your percentage of games played to percentage of negative experiences you've created.
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Because Froggen is the first pro player ever to rage on his stream.

The rules are more like guidelines if anything. If Riot suspended/banned every player who ever raged at his team 95% of the player base would disappear. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve the punishment if he gets it but you have to be reasonable. The guy messed up once and people want his head on a platter. Please. People are just causing drama/stirring the pot.

From: eco master | #065
I said nobody should have "those games" because they agreed to the terms. I don't want him held to a higher standard, but I don't want people saying "whatever, everyone does it sometimes."

Why shouldn't people say it? It's true. Maybe not everyone but a good majority of players will rage. It's just a matter of who does it more. The ones who rage every game get banned. The ones who rage every once in a while? S*** happens. It's just like people who drive on the highway. Some stay at the speed limit, some go a little bit above it, and some will just race down it like nobodies business. In the end it's the ones who constantly do it who eventually get caught. And they do get punished.
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jarvan i hear froggen is sexually-deprived maybe he'd like it if you went to his house and gave him a good time

you appear to be interested in the prospect
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I've never been banned or warned but I'm not the nicest person in-game and there have been times where I've just gone off on people and I'm certain I've gotten reported.
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People are actually standing up for him? How blind and stupid can you be?
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froggen is nerd raging hard
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Why shouldn't people say it? It's true. Maybe not everyone but a good majority of players will rage.

There's a difference between raging and constantly insulting and belittling a teammate for half an hour based on a minor inconvenience caused by your own negligence in communicating with your team.

This "nobody's perfect" line is sounding less like the response of an understanding, compassionate person and more like pathetic morons desperately trying to hold on to the delusion that their own sub-human behavior is acceptable.

His response on Reddit is really great. It is rare to see such a dense concoction of entitlement, idiocy, and immaturity willingly displayed to the public.

First he attempts to deflect blame by redefining his offenses in subjective terms. He says he wasn't flaming, he was doing something else that is largely identical but it is okay because he called it a different name. Very convincing, that.

He also attempts to villify the victim by making unsubstantiated claims about their poor play even though they won the game and the other player ended up performing similarly to him by all observable standards. He even goes so far as to accuse this other person of playing poorly on purpose with every available piece of evidence contradicting his claim, including the testimony of another streamer who was in the game and streaming.

Then he admits to refusing to communicate with his team because he had something more important to do. He couldn't spare 10 whole seconds to pay attention to his team during champion select and yet did not avail himself of the option to simply not queue when he has such important things to do.

He goes on to say that he doesn't expect to be given mid and then, in the very same sentence, makes his perception of entitlement and opinion of his fellow players quite clear by saying that everyone is supposed to know that he plays Lee Sin mid and dismissing the very idea of bothering to communicate with his team just in case one of them doesn't idolize him to the extent that they spend more time keeping track of his in-game tendencies than they do playing the game themselves.

Then he calls the victim stupid by likening the person not knowing that he is going mid as Lee Sin to him having never seen an Evelynn go mid before and thus picking another mid champion and forcing her to go elsewhere. Apparently "Froggen plays Lee Sin mid" is so important that everybody who plays the game should know it as well as they know which champions are good mid.

Then he goes into the common defense employed by eight-year olds and their mental equivalents: two wrongs make a right. Only instead of the other person actually doing something wrong, it is just the other person doing something that is a part of the game (playing a role that somebody else wants but nobody has made any indication that they plan on filling) and that could have been avoided had he spent any time at all in communicating his desires clearly.

He finishes by whining about how hard it is to be a pro player and how that justifies his behavior, as though we're all forcing him to be a professional player and would even care if he just quit and went to find some minimum-wage job better reflecting his social and intellectual aptitudes.

He has since gone on to apologize on Facebook after abandoning the Reddit thread in which he promised to clarify any unanswered questions without addressing anything that was posted in response. Conversing in a forum wherein other people are allowed to respond to your posts freely is a bit too much for him, apparently.
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g-cube_masta posted...
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Why is it every time I go to Reddit I see some sort of pro-drama. "DYRUS APOLOGIZES", ""FROGGEN FLAMES", "HOTSHOTGG RIDD OF VOYBOY", etc etc.
In all honesty at this point I can't wait to see what posts come up for some of my favorite players :P

because drama is what gets upvoted because it's the only thing people go to lolreddit for, really?

anyways my opinion on this subject:

let he who is without rage cast the first rune prison.

Wait, people go to Reddit for drama?
I thought people just went there for the funny stuff and creative ideas they come up with >_>

wtf are you new to the internet?
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