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4 years ago#71
Wedge Antilles posted...
My feed keeps cutting to commercials every 5 seconds. What is this ****?

You;re Star Warres
My Hubris is bigger than yours.
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4 years ago#72
Why westrice

Why would you abandon dragon like that

Worst call ever made
4 years ago#73
Saint gets caught misses Smite, and gets caught by Darius. LOL
4 years ago#74
Curse really need to get better at lane-swapping
Reading increases knowledge and knowledge is power. But power corrupts and corruption is a crime. Crime doesn't pay. If you read, you'll go broke! - Dogbert
4 years ago#75
downright darius
Rudy sucks
4 years ago#76
ouch dat cleanup by katarina and darius.
Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.
4 years ago#77
That was dirty as **** lol.
Typical gameFAQers are "Complainers that always complain about those who complain about real legitimate complaints."-Joker_X
4 years ago#78
gg Curse. Better luck next time.
4 years ago#79
#1 casters for missing that Ez blue steal
4 years ago#80
Ezreal steals blue with ult.
No mention by casters.
Not changing this until Chicago Cubs win the World Series. Started: 1908
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