Your last played champion makes you breakfast in bed... what do they give u?

#51Winja_NienerPosted 11/3/2012 1:16:58 PM

My breakfast changes everytime I take a bite!
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#52samuricexPosted 11/3/2012 1:20:15 PM
Eggs and a spot of tea.
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#53saucejePosted 11/3/2012 1:21:12 PM
Kog'Maw. I get no breakfast cause he ate it. And the kitchen.
#54I_Heart_EeveePosted 11/3/2012 1:22:21 PM
Anivia made me an omlette with her own egg! But it's so cold...
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#55Small_appliancePosted 11/3/2012 1:38:19 PM
Blood. Awesome.
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#56gallantknightPosted 11/3/2012 1:41:29 PM
Kayle <3

Lots and lots of delicious food from heaven
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#57LordMordorPosted 11/3/2012 1:43:44 PM
i got a hot plate of voidling legs....but also some pamplets to join the void-cult :(
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#58Ultoman2Posted 11/3/2012 1:46:25 PM

I got a cupcake and a bear trap.

Suppose a could trade that for a breakfast of yordle if I'm patient enough.
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#59LANKAI09Posted 11/3/2012 2:35:57 PM

Jokes on me, I'm the breakfast