how noobish is it to start with a dolan's ring/blade

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it's a good idea if you know you're going to get off to an early start and just go ape s*** from there but if you have a weak early game, dont win trades REALLY hard and are likely to get ganked a few times early on it's a bad idea

so because of the reasons it's a bad idea, like void said, it's bad most of the time, but there are times when it's a hilarious way to go.
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rihoof pls
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Against skillshot-based champs, I go boots, but if their attacks aren't dodgeable anyway, there's no reason to.
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I get the shield with morde
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dolans blade!
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I start with them on the occasional champion but I usually prefer mana crystal +2 pots (on mages anyway)
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Not mega-noobish. Just difficult. Those items are actually pretty solid items on their own so taking them to enhance your early game is *not* a HORRIBLE idea.

That being said, more people will do better with items that can be built up into better forms.
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